Lesson 1 

Playlist AHWM 001

Slides Introductory lecture


Chapter 7 and 8

Art Slides Chapter 7 PDF

Outline chapter 7 PDF

Art slides chapter 8 PDF

Outline chapter 8 PDF 

Chapter playlist: Playlist AHWM 10.8 

Playlist AHWM 002

Background info about:

Modality PDF

Acoustics, tuning and temperament

Two excellent video's about tuning and temperament in the renaissance by earlymusicsources.com:

Part 1

Part 2

Mass and Office PDF


Chapter 9 and 10

Art Slides chapter 9 PDF

Outline chapter 9 PDF

Chapter playlist: Playlist AHWM 10.9

Art Slides chapter 10 PDF

Outline chapter 10 PDF

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Background info about:

Meter and rhythm PDF

An excellent video on mensural notation by earlymusicsources.com.


Chapter 11 and 12

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Outline chapter 12 PDF

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How to read and study AHWM 10

Working model Studying AHWM

Working model contextual questions

Working model making a mind map or concept map

(Working models also available in Dutch)

AHWM 10.7-12 association pictures (PDF)

While constructing your personal knowledge base, depart from at least three perspectives:

  1. Words (keywords, events, people, years, places, titles, compositions, books, etc. etc.)
  2. Music (examples from the playlists)
  3. Pictures (as a starting point for making associations)
  4. Timelines

The Baroque era (1600-1750) 

Chapter 13 and 14

Outline chapter 13 PDF

Art slides chapter 13 PDF

Chapter playlist AHWM 10.13

Outline chapter 14 PDF

Art slides chapter 14 PDF

Chapter playlist AHWM 10.14

Opera explained by David Timson: Orfeo - Claudio Monteverdi

The complete Orfeo by Monteverdi: John Eliot Gardiner - English Baroque Soloists

The Baroque era (1650-1750) continued

Chapter 15 and 16

Outline chapter 15 PDF

Art slides chapter 15 PDF

Chapter playlist AHWM 10.15

NB 7th Madrigal book (Concerto) by Monteverdi

Giacomo Carisissmi Historia di jephte

Outline chapter 16 PDF

Art slides chapter 16 PDF

Chapter playlist AHWM 10.16

Armide example 16.1 (Youtube)

The Baroque era (1650-1750) continued

Chapter 17 and 18

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Outline chapter 18 PDF

Art slides chapter 18 PDF

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The Baroque era (1650-1750) continued 

Chapter 19 and 20

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Outline chapter 20 PDF

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