big library


It is my strong conviction that all musicians should be reading musicians. We should read because we have a heritage to cherish and foster. A heritage of many centuries in which all arts have reflected or reacted on the contexts in which they evolved.

Without reading you remain half deaf, half blind, unknowing and unsensitive to the meaning of the art you encounter. But more important: you deny yourself the joy of being able to connect to a work of art by weaving a web of meaning and share that joy with others who had similar experiences.

And when that happens? Believe me: you'll always remember it :-) . 


Let's share books and our experiences with them.

If you are a reader, we are soulmates! If you are not (yet) a reader: give it a try and join!

What I would like to try is not to convince you to start reading (that's useless), but more or less tempt you into reading or more reading by sharing from my experiences with reading the books I love. Sharing is caring and both can contribute to an enriched life.

That's how I feel about it.

What kind of books?

Anything relevant to your development as a musican and a person, as a responsible human being.

That's big.

Let me give some examples of categories I have thought of:

  • Classics from literature
  • (Auto)biographies and ego documents
  • Historical novels
  • Novels in which music plays an important role
  • Books on Music by musicians
  • Books on Art in general
  • Books on History (musical, cultural, historical)
  • Fantasy
  • Nobel Prize winners
  • Music, language and the brain
  • Books about books
  • ...

 Let's have fun!