This elective is scheduled for the second semester 2019-2020. 

Teachers: Egbert Jan Louwerse & Wiebe Buis.


A lot of things were going on in France in the 19th century. Paris could be seen as the centre of cultural life in Europe for a long time. Political events had major consequences on cultural life. It is very interesting to see how these events have influenced the development of chamber music through the 19th century and how some composers may have been forgotten.

This Elective is divided into 2 “blocks” of 5 lessons each. In the first block we dive into the historical /contextual part of this elective. What has happened, why and by whom? We talk about revolutions, opera, chamber music, the conservatoires, the world exhibitions, the famous société’s and salons. You yourself will also try to find some answers and will discover composers and pieces that are new to you.

The second block of 5 rehearsals is about playing the pieces you have found, with colleagues inside or outside this elective. Together we rehearse, demonstrate, teach and get taught. We try to discover why the way of playing of this music is so French. it?

We finish this elective by combining all our pieces into a concert. You, as an expert on your piece, will write the program notes and introduce the music of your choice to the audience.

Egbert Jan Louwerse is an expert in the field of French flute and chamber music. He graduated for his Master degree conducting research on “Phrasing slurs in French Chamber music for flute and piano from 1871”, an effort in understanding the multi-implication of long phrasing slurs on performance practice in French chamber music for flute from 1871, focusing on the influence of Paul Taffanel.

In 2015 he was awarded a silver medal by the French Société Académique "Arts-Sciences-Lettres" in Paris: "Diplome de Medaille d'Argent" for his contribution to French Music during his career. And of course he was added to the Hanze "Walk of Fame"!