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List of Sources

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General article from Britannica


General article from Britannica


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Articles from Oxford Music Online (Grove) on key terms (background reading):

Psychology of Music:



NB Musical Emotions Explained  Patrick Juslin at Amazon

(Chapters from) Books:

Sweet Anticipation: Music and the Psychology of Expectation - David Huron


Chapter 1: Introduction


Pleasures of the brain - Kringelbach & Berridge

Introduction: The many Faces of Pleasure 

Fundamental Pleasure Questions

Chapter 6: On the Nature and Function of Pleasure 

Chapter 7: The Dialectics of Pleasure

Chapter 15: The Pleasure of Music

Chapter 16: The Pleasure of Art


Approaches to Meaning in Music - Almen & Pearsall

Chapter 1: The Divining Rod: On Imagination, Interpretation and Analysis

Chapter 5: A Simple Model for Associative Musical Meaning

Spotify playlist

Youtube Playlist  ("classical" music used in movies) (Application of basic emotion theory in performance - Emanuel Sowicz)

An example of the use of shared patterns and formulas in tonal music is the the so called partimento practice from the 18th century. 

Quiescenza, Romanesca, Meyer, Prinner, Monte etc. as examples of reused patterns

They are discussed in the magnificent book of Robert Gjerdingen: Music in the galant style.

Available as free ebook within

Monuments of partimenti (Gjerdingen) is the site to be used in combination with the book.

Site of a method for keyboard improvisation based on partimento patterns: 

Example of partimento improvisation

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