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List of Sources

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Articles from Oxford Music Online (Grove) on key terms (background reading):

Psychology of Music:



Our Timeline for coming weeks:

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Read and study (use the links beneath this table):

 April 14  Pleasures of the brain: chapters 6 and 7  
 April 21  Pleasures of the brain: chapters 15 and 16  
 May 5 Sweet anticipation: Preface and Introduction  
 May 12 Approaches to Meaning in Music: chapters 1 and 5  


Articles from Oxford Music Online (Grove) on key terms:

Psychology of Music:



(Chapters from) Books:

Pleasures of the brain - Kringelbach & Berridge

Introduction: The many Faces of Pleasure 

Fundamental Pleasure Questions

Chapter 6: On the Nature and Function of Pleasure

Chapter 7: The Dialectics of Pleasure

Chapter 15: The Pleasure of Music

Chapter 16: The Pleasure of Art

Sweet Anticipation: Music and the Psychology of Expectation - David Huron


Chapter 1: Introduction

Approaches to Meaning in Music - Almen & Pearsall

Chapter 1: The Divining Rod: On Imagination, Interpretation and Analysis

Chapter 5: A Simple Model for Associative Musical Meaning