On this page you can find links to PDFs of scores (mostly from IMSLP) and links to recordings (mostly linking to Spotify).

They are examples connected to discussed chapters from A History of Western Music 9th edition.

NB This page will be continually under construction.

AHWM XVII Italy and Germany in the Late Seventeenth Century

Alessandro Scarlatti

Arcangelo Corelli

Dieterich Buxtehude


AHWM XVIII The Early Eighteenth Century in Italy and France

Vivaldi L'Estro Armonico VI a minor RV 365 A4

Vivaldi L'Estr Armonico VI a minor RV 365 A5

Spotify (The English Concert, Pinnock)

François Couperin 25-ième ordre A4

François Couperin 25-ième ordre A5

Spotify (Carola Cerasi)

Jean-Philippe Rameau Pygmalion A4 (IMSLP)

Jean-Philippe Rameau Pygmalion A5 (IMSLP)

Spotify (Les Talens Lyriques, Christophe Rousset)

AHWM XIX German Composers of the Late Baroque

Georg Philipp Telemann 

Paris Quartets

6 Quadri (1730)

Nouveaux quators en six suites (1738)

Spotify (Kuijken, Kuijken, Leonhardt)

Johann Sebastian Bach

WTK I g minor A4

Spotify (Belder)

WTK I c minor A4

Spotify (Belder)

The same fugue is disussed in Oxford Music Online (GROVE): "A classic fugue analysed"


French Suite V G major A4

French Suite V G major A5

Spotify (Perahia)

Spotify (Belder)

Cantata Nun komm' der Heiden Heiland BWV 

allofbach.com (Nederalndse Bach Vereniging, Jos van Veldhoven)

Score (IMSLP) 

George Frideric Handel

Oratorio Saul (score)

Spotify (Jacobs, Concerto Köln)

Closing scene act two (accompanied recitative, simple rectative, chorus)

score fragment 

Spotify album Scene IX (66) and scene X (68)

AHWM XXII Instrumental Music: Sonata, Symphony and Concerto

Ludwig van Beethoven and sonata form

Beethoven sonata op. 14 nr. 2 first movement (IMSLP)

Beethoven op. 14 nr. 2 annotated

Spotify (Perahia)

Domenico Scarlatti

Sonata K 119 (IMSLP)

Spotify (Sudbin)

Spotify (Belder)

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

Sonata in A major W.55/4 or H. 186 (IMSLP) 

Spotify 1st movement, 2nd movement, 3rd movement

Spotify (Sechs Sonaten für Kenner und Liebhaber: Belder, complete album)

Giovanni Battista Sammartini

Spotify Symphony nr. 32 first movement

Johann Christian Bach

Concerto in Eb major (IMSLP)

Spotify (Anastasia Injushina)

Johann Stamitz

Symphony Op. 11 nr. 3 (IMSLP)

Spotify (New Zealand Chamber Orchestra)

AHWM XXIII Classic Music in the Late Eighteenth Century

Joseph Haydn

String Quartet Op. 33 nr. 2 A4 (IMSLP)

String Quartet Op. 33 nr. 2 A5 (IMSLP)

Spotify (Quarteto Casals)

Symphony Nr. 88 G major A4 (IMSLP)

Symphony Nr. 88 G major A5 (IMSLP)

Spotify (album with Symphony 86 an 88, Orchestra of the eighteenth century, Brüggen)

Baryton Trio nr. 97 in D major (only transcriptions on IMSLP)

Spotify (Netherlands Baryton Trio)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Symphony nr. 40 G minor A4 (IMSLP)

Symphony nr. 40 G minor A5 (IMSLP)

Spotify (Orchestra of the eighteenth century, Brüggen)

Score first movement A4

Score first movement A5

Spotify first movement (Orchestra of the eighteenth century, Brüggen)

Serenade in C minor A4 (IMSLP)

Serenade in C minor A5 (IMSLP)

Spotify (Netherlands Wind Ensemble)